UDAAN February 2016

Dear Alumni, 

Please find attached newsletter for the month of February 2016. 


With Regards, 


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UDAAN Newsletter December 2015

This month issue of UDAAN. 

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UAA Newsletter-April 2015

Please click on the link below for reading the April 2015 newsletter.

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UAA Newsletter-March 2015

We are delighted to present the March 2015 edition of the UAA Newsletter.

 This carries a report on the recent brainstorming session that the Board of Governors had with members of the Advisory Council of the UAA, Distinguished Alumnus, and past & present faculty. Several suggestions have come to the fore and these will be taken up in the days ahead. We value all the feedback and urge you to write to us as well.


ICT celebrated its fourth Convocation, and you will find a detailed report in the newsletter.


Thank you for reading

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UAA Ahmedabad Chapter AGM

UDCT Alumni Association Ahmedabad chapter  held their annual General Meeting (AGM)  on February 14, 2015 at Hotel Four points Sherton, Ahmedabad.

There were 16 UAA members based in Ahmedabad (list attached for ready reference) and spouses attended totalling 25 persons.

There was great fellowship and Alumni of all ages from fresh graduates to graduates from 1955 batch were present. There were many technical discussions and enlightenment on newer courses at ICT was discussed. Couple of graduates are studying in IIM Ahmedabad which speaks a lot for younger generation co...

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UAA Newsletter- February 2015

Please find below the UAA Newsletter for the month of February 2015

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Prof M M Sharma : Celebrating 50 years of teaching

Please click on the link to see the lecture.

If you cannot click, then please copy the url and paste in browser for viewing the lecture.



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UAA Newsletter-January 2015

Please click the link for downloading the UAA newsletter for January 2015.

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Workshop on Patent Informatics by UAA Pune Chapter

On 6th Dec 2014, a Workshop on ‘Patent Informatics’ was conducted by UAAPC at Seminar Hall, URDIP. The workshop was inaugurated with a welcome speech by Dr. S.M.Chavan, the Inaugural Address was given by Mr. Milind Talathi Hon. Chairman, UAAPC & later Dr. Raj Hirwani Director, URDIP and Hon. Executive member, UAAPC welcomed the audience.


Following sessions were conducted during the workshop.


1)      ‘Patinformatics For Research and business planning’ by Dr Raj Hirwani

2) &nb...

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Share a glass of pure water! ICT mission to reach 1 million students

Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai with it’s own innovation of electricity free, hand operated water filter “Ultra Health” plan to reach 1 million students in next 3 years through 5000 units installations in rural and urban slum schools.

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UAA Hyderabad chapter meeting report and photos

The Hyderabad ICT Alumni met at Taj Tristar Hotel in Secunderabad on Sunday, 09 Nov.  Family members of several Alumni graced the event that made the occasion very special. 


The first few minutes were nostalgic as many Alumni had a chance to catch-up with their seniors, juniors, and class mates. A round of introductions followed that left the audience in a spell of laughter. Each member was required to share an anecdote at ICT. It was flashback time as the quintessential culture of our institution was being remembered, adored and appreciated. We recollect...

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UAA Aurangabad Chapter Program Interaction & Felicitation of Padma Bhushan Prof. J.B. Joshi - 31st Oct. 2014

UAA Aurangabad Chapter organized a get together cum felicitation program in his  honour at Hotel  KEYS at 8-15 pm  on 31st October 2014 .

He was accompanied by Mrs. Joshi, Prof. Geoffrey Evans and Mrs. Jennifer Evans.

Mr. G.D. Agrawal the Chairman, UAA Aurangabad Chapter welcomed the guests.

Dr. Dharwadkar enlightened the audience about the achievements and exhaustive research work carried out by Prof. J.B. Joshi.

He also highlighted his present assignment with the Atomic Energy Commission and the challenging research work in the field o...

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UAA Newsletter- November 2014

Dear Alumnus

 The Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the UAA is scheduled for Nov. 15 at 3 pm, to discuss and ratify the new constitution that has been framed. 

This is an important matter that needs your counsel and we would very much like you to be present at the event. The formal notification has already been sent by email, along with the draft constitution for your attention. In case you have not received the same, please visit our website and download it. Alternatively, you can email the UAA office and the docume...

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UAA Newsletter - September 2014

Find attached the UAA Newsletter - September 2014

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UAA Newsletter - August 2014

Find attached the UAA Newsletter - August 2014

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UAA Newsletter - July 2014

Find attached the UAA Newsletter - July 2014

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UAA Newsletter - June 2014

Find attached the UAA Newsletter - June 2014

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UAA Newsletter-April 2014

Find attached the UAA Newsletter – April 2014

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UAA Newsletter - March 2014

Find attached the UAA Newsletter - March 2014

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UAA Newsletter - February 2014

Find attached the UAA Bulletin - Vol 19 - II (January 2014) 

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