'UAA-ICT Distinguished Alumnus Awards' in Research and Academics announced

Category: Research 

Dr. R.P. Verma

Ph.D (Tech). Chemical Engineering – 1974 – Institute of Chemical Technology

Consultant & Former Petrotech Chair Professor, IIT Delhi

Executive Director & Head – R&D, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.; Chairman – IndianOil Technologies Ltd.; and Chairman – Indo Cat Pvt. Ltd.

At Indian Oil Corporation - R&D Centre, Dr. Verma has been responsible for Research & Development in the areas of petroleum refining, lubes, fuels / alternative fuels including environmental aspects. His expertise has been successfully utilized in various refineries of Indian Oil and other oil companies in India / abroad.


Category: Academics

Prof. K. Niranjan

B.Chem Engg. 1978, M.Chem Engg. 1980, Ph.D (Tech) 1984 – Institute of Chemical Technology

Professor of Food Bioprocessing, Reading University, UK

President, UAA UK Chapter

In his career at Reading University Prof. Niranjan has the responsibility of building international academic programmes (teaching and research) and international liaison.

His research interest span formation and stability of foams and other bubble containing food systems; development of compostable and active food packaging; engineering solutions for reducing the adverse health impact of deep fried products; and enzyme facilitated diffusive extraction of components from fruits and vegetables, and oil from oleaginous materials.

Prof. Niranjan is actively associated with ICT, conducting lectures via Skype, and during his frequent visits to India.


Prof. V.G. Gaikar

B.Chem Engg. 1982, M.Chem Engg. 1984, Ph.D (Tech) 1986 – Institute of Chemical Technology

Vice Chancellor, Babasaheb Ambedkar Technical University (BATU), Lonere (Maharashtra)

Prof. Gaikar combines nearly 30 years of research and teaching experience at ICT, with an equally long contribution to the chemical industry as a consultant.

His expertise lies in a broad range of subjects including thermochemical conversions, biofuels, reactive separation processes and material science.

Prior to joining BATU, he admirably steered the TEQIP programme at ICT.