There's a special place in your heart for UDCT - a profound pride. You know you are part of something much bigger than yourself.
What better place to honor the place you used to call home than to give something back?

You can give back to the Institute by

- Donating to any of the ongoing Projects of UAA
- Volunteering for the UAA
- Hosting students Interns/Industrial Visits

For transferring the money ( even from abroad ) all you have to do is in our below mentioned account. The money will be transferred to our account) under intimation to us.  

Kindly also email to Dr. Parag Gogate, Secretary UAA, on and intimate us for which project or purpose have you made the donation.


Our Alumni Donors (2013-14)

Prof. J.B.Joshi, Rs. 3 lakhs

Alumnus 1 (UAA-Advisory council member), Rs. 2 lakhs

Batch of Chem Engg (1954-58), Rs. 1.25 lakh

BS Rajpurohit, Rs. 1 lakh

Alumnus 2 (UAA-BOG member), Rs. 1 lakh

Ujwal Nirgudkar (Distinguished Alumnus), Rs. 50,000

Bhaskar Balasubramanian, Chem Engg ‘96 (USA), $150

Rohit Kawathekar, Chem Engg ‘96 (USA), $100

Kamal Gursahani, Chem Engg ‘98 (USA), $100

Sh. RM Kedia, Rs. 1 lakh 


If you too would like to support us in our Silver Jubilee year, please contact -

UAA Secretary - Dr. Parag Gogate -